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CodeRED® Emergency Notification System

CodeRED Purpose:

To send critical communications to residents and businesses in Colden. The system provides the ability to quickly deliver messages to targeted areas or the entire town.

The system will be activated for emergency public safety messages and important public notifications. Alerts may include, but are not limited to:

  • Extreme weather
  • Missing and endangered persons
  • Evacuations and lockdowns
  • Water emergencies
  • Chemical spills or release
  • Security alerts

Caller ID:

Add the following numbers to your contacts, so when you will know the call is from Colden CodeRED.

Emergency Notifications: 866-419-5000

General Information: 855-969-4636

To hear the last message delivered to your phone, simply dial the number back.


Your contact information is linked to your street address to ensure emergency notification calls are received by the proper individuals in a given situation.

To Stop Receiving CodeRED Messages, or Change What You Receive

About CodeRED

The Town of Colden has purchased the CodeRED® Emergency Notification System. CodeRED® uses telephone, text and e-mail to quickly provide instructions to residents and businesses on how to prepare for, or otherwise deal with, an emergency situation.

This high-speed telephone and text messaging system can contact the entire Colden database in less than 30 minutes. If you are not home, CodeRED® will leave a message on most answering devices. The system allows Colden to contact all residents and businesses or limit the notification to a small geographic area.

The database used by CodeRED® is a combination of published white page listings, Enhanced 911 data and information provided by residents or business owners. To ensure that your phone number is registered (or to add text, e-mail or additional phone numbers), please go to the CodeRED website and check your information.

The system is easy to use but ask a friend or neighbor if you are having difficulty entering your emergency contact information.


After registering, you may download the app for your mobile phone.

Get the CodeRED Mobile App

Tell a friend, tell a neighbor about Colden’s community notification system for keeping residents informed!

Frequently Asked Questions

CodeRED® is a service provided by the Town of Colden by which residents and businesses are notified by telephone, text, or e-mail regarding emergencies or important community notifications. The system is capable of sending messages to the entire community or to specific geographical areas that might be affected by an emergency or other important event.

The instructions are fairly simple, but not everyone has had experience with computers. We encourage residents to help friends, family and neighbors get connected.

Contact the Town Hall at 716-941-5012 if you need assistance.

This option is available but is not necessary. You may also register as a guest. If you use a password, this allows you to change or delete information that you entered. Only two phone numbers can be attached to one password. If you have more than two phone numbers, you will need to provide a password for each set of two.

This may happen, but will have no effect on how you receive emergency messages. CodeRED® is a phone number based system – if your phone number (text or e-mail) is included in the system, you will be called.

The address is important because it allows emergency phone calls to target specific neighborhoods. For example, with a major storm, all phones regardless of their address will be called. However, if a water break requires one neighborhood to take water safety precautions, only those addresses affected can be called.

OnSolve provides the service to the Town of Colden. They have a combined company experience of over 60 years, and provide the CodeRED® service to hundreds of municipal governments across the country. The Town of Colden selected CodeRED® after researching and reviewing similar products and services.

About OnSolve

The CodeRED® website is secure. All data entered into the database is used exclusively by the Town of Colden. The information will not be shared. All data entered onto the website will be inspected once by a Colden public safety official to ensure that the information is Colden-based. As a general rule, any phone number attached to a non-Colden address or an invalid Colden address will not be accepted. When the information is approved, it is then sent to the database.

The security of this information is critical to the success of an emergency notification system. There is no feature within the system that allows a list of phone numbers to be printed. The use of all data in this system is controlled by federal regulations and by contract with the vendor.

You may opt out of receiving messages by visiting

FCC regulations prohibit sending non-emergency messages to unpublished and unlisted numbers. If you have an unpublished number and want non-emergency public service messages, please add your phone number to the database and opt-in for these notifications. An example of a non-emergency notification might include notice that trash pick-up is delayed by one day.

Yes. You can add as many numbers as you want simply by visiting the CodeRED® website and entering new information. Use your Colden address when adding the telephone number for your business or workplace. Please provide a direct dial number as automated attendants may delay your receipt of a message. Parents who work out-of-town may want to receive emergency messages, particularly as they may affect local schools.

All published numbers should already be included within the CodeRed® database. Unpublished and unlisted numbers are added to the database through our interface with the Enhanced 911 system.

One of the best CodeRED® features allows residents and/or businesses in Colden to add numbers. Simply visit the CodeRED® website. Don’t worry about adding duplicate numbers; the database is “cleaned” so that phone numbers are only called once. If you use this feature, you can make sure that your numbers will be called.

We strongly encourage ALL residents to maintain in their home one hard-wired phone. In power outages and other major emergencies, cell phone systems have a higher likelihood of failure. Although many families feel the ‘old phone’ is an unnecessary expense, these phones often work when all else is lost.

CodeRED® allows you to enter many phone numbers and e-mail addresses to broaden the opportunities to be notified. Unfortunately, nothing is guaranteed and the severity of the emergency will impact any emergency notification system.

CodeRED® is an additional measure of safety the Town of Colden believes all Coldon residents and businesses deserve. If electric power were to be interrupted, you may not be able to rely on radio and television to keep you informed. Emergencies also develop quickly and the news media may not have the information to broadcast. CodeRED® allows the Town of Colden to contact you directly.
No. The Town of Colden respects your privacy. CodeRED® will be used for emergency situations and important community notifications only. Residents have the opportunity to opt out of community notifications (non-emergency events).