Colden Cemetery
This is just a reminder that the Colden Cemetery Association is always in need of donations.

Graves are available in the New Cemetery at a cost of $650 per grave.

Contact Information:

Dave Grace, Caretaker – (716) 941-3465
Christina Kerlin, Town Hall – (716) 941-5012

Glenwood Maltby Memorial Cemetery

Historic Glenwood Maltby Memorial Cemetery is non-denominational, quiet and pastoral final resting place located just off Route 240 on Maltby Drive in Glenwood, New York.  The first burials took place in 1850 on land generously donated by the Maltby family. Graves are available throughout the three-acre property for $650 each.

Our cemetery is overseen by an all-volunteer board dedicated to honoring the history of our community, many of the original settlers of the area, as well as veterans of our Nation’s wars.

We are also planning for the future. The Glenwood Maltby Memorial Cemetery is beginning development of a new one-acre section which will respectfully carry forward the legacy of our memorial grounds for generations of loved ones to come.

For information on how you can help keep this historic burial ground operational and accessible to our community, please contact Mike Schneider, Superintendent, at (716) 941-5813.

Glenwood Maltby Memorial Cemetery